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Yolanda and I went to an early movie screener of American Underdog thanks to an invitation. I decided to purchase this faith based DVD during our Black Friday 2022 purchases. We continue to help out fellow believers with their products. Maybe someday they will think of us and do something that helps us. That would certainly be nice. I lost track of how many times we have helped the Erwin Brothers. They refuse to do anything to help us. There will be spoilers in this review.

American Underdog is all about Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda. We learn that Kurt is all about football. The woman that becomes his wife is divorced with two kids trying to make it. She caught her husband cheating on her and that was what ended their marriage. We also learn about Brenda's son Zack. Zack is legally blind thanks to events that happened when he was very young. He is always listening to the radio.

Kurt is in college playing football when he meets Brenda. He does not get drafted even though he has an agent. He does get picked up by the Green Bay Packers for a tryout. He lasted there only two days because he did not study the playbook and refused to go out on the field during practice. Kurt takes a job stocking shelves at a local grocery store. Things get bad for him and Brenda when her parents move out.

Kurt decides to take up the offer to join an Arena Football team. It does strain the relationship between him and Brenda. He finally decides to marry her after years of shacking up. Kurt does well in arena football and gets contacted by the St Louis Rams. He makes the team even though he is old and slow. The offensive coordinator does not like him at first. The starting quarterback gets injured and Kurt takes the Rams to the Super Bowl where they win.

American Underdog ends with that Super Bowl win. The team known as: "The Greatest Show on Turf" does go to another Super Bowl where the controversial and spying New England Patriots get a close win. He does go to the Arizona Cardinals after that and makes another Super Bowl. That one is lost to the Pittsburg Steelers. In the extras a sequel is mentioned. I do not know if that will happen or not.

There are some language issues, shacking up, and football violence within American Underdog. His college coach wants him to stay in the pocket and take the hit if he cannot throw it. Running out of the pocket is discouraged. I know plenty of NFL quarterbacks that did really well running out of the pocket. I also know of quarterbacks that would just throw it away. Why take a hit for no reason?
- Paul


Video: 80%
Audio: 80%
Replay: 80%
Functionality: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: DVD
Publisher: Lionsgate
Developer: Kingdom Story Company
Rating: ‘PG’ for Parental Guidance Suggested {Some Language and Thematic Elements}

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